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Check out Dark Nebula's profile in the latest edition of mushroom magazine including 2013 festival highlights from Maitreya Festival to Summer Never Ends, and the evolution of the new album "Thrill Pill"....

Dark Nebula – Thrill Pill

Evolution can’t sit on the same beat. Psychedelic trance has evolved and is only a Thrill Pill away - enjoy the ride with Australia's Dark Nebula!


Dark Nebula is the Grandmaster of Australian Fullon Trance. His sound has evolved from Byron Bay’s beaches in the Goa heydays to the vast dancefloors of today.

“Festival highlights this year have got to be the flame throwers and UFOs of the Australian lunar landscape at Maitreya Festival; and the massive dancefloor and mind-bending lightshow at Summer Never Ends in Switzerland”.

October saw the release of his 10th album, “Thrill Pill” (Digital Psionics), which has the signature energetic thrills and solid rolling basslines he is famous for, while creating new psytrance sounds.

“People’s immunity to the average trance pill has increased and it’s time for new more infectious sounds”.

The new album explores the scientific manipulation of audio to create something genuinely unique – like a diverse array of sonic short stories written in purple haze code.

“Psytrance was never about being like everything else and yet the music can’t resist being pushed that way. Different styles of psy have branched out and seem to just loop within themselves to the same sounds, breakdowns, and predictable structures. With Dark Nebula, I just want to stay original. I don’t want to fit in some sub-genre box, even if that goes against the grain on occasion. I try to block out what is expected.”

The new album is being released in both digital and limited edition USB capsule form.

Next up for Dark Nebula is the Australian summer festival season and a return to the legendary Rainbow Serpent Festival where “Thrill Pill” will no doubt be twisting some minds.



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