Dark Nebula + DJ Luna Orbit @ ZNA Gathering, Portugal

Dark Nebula is blasting off for a journey through psychedelic history, from the roots of the grand baba psychedelic tree, to the spirit of the Zna Gathering in 2015...

"This night we unleash a psychedelic monster from the land down under. His name is Luna Orbit and he is the founder of the great Digital Psionics Rec. Luna Orbit is considered by the "nightology" dancers (and by the ZNA team) to be one of the most psychedelic shamans of all time.

Besides the honour of having a Dark Nebula project retrospective live set, we will also have a very special dj set prepared by the one and only Dj Luna Orbit. Honouring his decades of experience and knowledge he will create a "haunted" musical environment that will take us into his unique musical universe where there are no boundaries and rules.


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