DJ Luna Orbit

Luna Orbit is the DJ and Creative Force behind Dark Nebula, and creator and co-owner of legendary Australian label Digital Psionics.

As DJ Luna Orbit, he draws on a broad range of full-on psytrance to craft deep psychedelic journeys for the trancefloor.

He has been actively involved in the global psytrance scene since the 1990s.

In 1994, he started the Trancelucent radio show which transmitted psytrance to the heart of Byron Bay’s emerging psychedelic trance culture - a central part of the international chain of the underground sound.

His Dark Nebula project evolved out of Digital Psionics’ Byron Bay studio in 1998. Since then, Dark Nebula has forged a unique sound and a reputation as one of the world’s finest producers of twisted night psychedelia.

As DJ Luna Orbit, he is equally well known for his strong journey sets, drawing on his knowledge and experience to create unique musical environments where there are no boundaries and no rules. His sets have spanned the earliest unreleased and personally traded DAT tapes, which changed hands as DJs flew from one party to the next around the globe, to the highly polished digital releases of today.

Transcending and evolving, his reputation stands strong as one of Australia’s finest psychedelic trance DJs – from epic sets on Byron Bay’s beaches in the Goa heydays, to the Tokyo rooftops, the Swiss Alps, Belgian warehouses, and secret nightclubs in Mumbai, with many great sets in between.

Both DJ Luna Orbit and Dark Nebula are justly famous for pushing the boundaries of sound.

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